Friday, November 4, 2011

Month of Many Thanks

So, October flew by ... I can't believe it's already November!!! 11/11/11 is coming ... is anything extraordinary supposed to happen on that day? I know I will be doing something extraordinary on that day .... lovin up on my grandson, Cole! :) Heading to Virginia next week to spend some time with my youngest daughter, Kayla, and her family. Then the following week, I will be heading out of Hartsfield-Jackson airport to Texas / Kansas for the Thanksgiving holiday. I will split my time there between Texas and Kansas, as my parents and brothers live in Texas, and my oldest daughter, Kari, lives in Kansas with her 2 beautiful kiddos, Mikey and Lexie. I can't wait to see everyone!

Work is going OK ... the load is still there, but the pressure isn't so great with it being the beginning of the month ... but I know that will build as the days pass by. I'm trying not to think that I have less days to finish my work due to my travel ... my goal is to stay on top of my tasks without stressing out! Stay tuned for how THAT works out. LOL

I'll leave today with an awesome statement, which is my current Facebook status:

I am FROM Kansas ! Sweet girls come from the South. Barbies come from California..., but WE KANSAS GIRLS have fire & ice in our blood!! We can drive in snow, handle the cold, beat the heat, be a princess, throw a mean right hook AND drink with the boys!! We can cook a wicked meal, & if we have an opinion, you can bet your ass you're gonna hear it!!!! Repost if you're a Kansas Girl.

PS: I had a Facebook reply from a friend who said he thought of me as a cross between Dorothy and Rosie the Riveter ... :) Picture this gal with ruby red slippers!

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