Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let's try this again

I love blogging ... it's therapeutic ... I get started, then, I lose steam ... lose interest. I will try sticking to it this time in an effort to relieve some stress, and keep my mind and creativity in working order. This may be a task!

Today is Saturday, October 28, 2011. It is a breezy, sunny Fall day. Maizie and I have the house to ourselves for the day. I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee and have watched one episode (the first) of "Body of Proof". It was "so-so". I find that as I get older, it is getting harder and harder to entertain and impress me when it comes to TV and Cinema. Am I becoming crotchety? I hope not, but ... I think so. Things bother me now that never really used to ... traffic (ie STUPID drivers), loud toddlers or crying babies in a restaurant, incorrect food orders (well ok that one ALWAYS pissed me off), loud music or booming base coming from a vehicle, poor customer service (OK that one's not new either) ... wow, maybe I've always had a degree of crotchetiness about me!

Work is stressful right now ... has been for a while. The movie, "Outsourced" is becoming a reality all around us. Right now, we are training nurses in the Phillipines to do what we're doing right now. Let me say that again ... WE ARE TRAINING NURSES IN THE PHILLIPINES ... WE. Getting them certified promises us relief from our seemingly heavy caseload and frees us up to do more coaching, rather than tying us up with evaluating. But ... we all have the same question: does it take a nurse to coach? We all know it takes a nurse to evaluate, but to coach? No ... soooooo, we are all fearful for our jobs. We may very well be training the very people who will be replacing us.

OK, well I will give "Body of Proof" another episodic chance to "woo" me ... Happy Saturday, fellow bloggers ... see ya on the www.


  1. marcy
    its been such a while since you commented on my blog
    thank you

  2. hi marcy! crochety here..

    i feel the same way. our world is a different place. i even complained about the breakfast i bought yesterday - the worse ever.

    love Body Of Proof, too.

    oh, btw, i am from california and am the furthest thing from a barbie....tee hee.

    great post!

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