Monday, November 28, 2011

Texas / Kansas holiday trip: days 5-7

OK folks ... this is the Reader's Digest version of the tail-end of my trip back home .... it consisted basically of lots of beer, a few cigars, some dancing, very little sleep, and one seemingly long plane-ride home to Atlanta w/ a crazy, loud, obnoxious, drunk "everyone's a racist" dude, who was promptly met by the ever-so-nice Atlanta Police upon our arrival to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. I mean c'mon ... I watch TV ... there's Air Marshalls on every flight, right? Where the hell were they on THIS one!!?? As we taxi'd in, I started hearing the theme song from "Cops" ... "Bad Boys Bad Boys whatcha gonna do ... whatcha gonna do when they come for you?" I didn't even get to see them give him a nosebleed. Too bad WE didn't get to escort him off ... he might have taken a tumble onto the frickin tarmac.

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